Gerald O. Warner Sr. and Morton Jenkins were pilots in the Air Corps during World War II. These two best friends decided to go into business as soon as they were discharged. Gerald was from East Troy. Morton was from Mansfield and had taught Ag in LeRaysville.

In 1945 they acquired the Case franchise. Morton Jenkins had recently been discharged and Gerald was home on leave. They set up business in a barn in East Troy (behind where the Warner Company presently is located). Warner and Jenkins were in business for about eight weeks when the Case Company went on strike. This nearly put their new partnership out of business. With Case on strike, they didn't receive any equipment and had nothing to sell. Morton Jenkins left the business and moved to Troy, New York. Gerald stuck with it and looked to outside work for his income. He did odd jobs hauling hay and poultry.

That first year he received only $4,400 worth of equipment from Case. If it were not for Gerald's persistence, there would be no Warner Tractor & Equipment today.

In the late 50's and early 60's, Gerald enlarged the building and added 5100 square feet to the parts and shop and 1800 square feet to the showroom. A twenty-five hundred square foot addition was added to the warehouse.

Warner Tractor & Equipment is now a multi - million dollar farm and industrial equipment dealership.

In May of 1984 the business name of Warner Company was changed to Warner Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

Warner Tractor & Equipment has a well trained staff and repair shop at your service to help serve the farm and industrial community. They are factory trained specialists and their service shop is certified by Case IH and Case.

They have been providing the best possible service to their customers for over 55 years. The everyday running of the business has been taken over by David and Scott Warner. This shows they are a Case indoctrinated family.

Warner Tractor and Equipment, Inc. is proud to be working with the agricultural and construction community and is looking forward to serving them in the 21st. century.